Getting quad meshing from Rhino for export to 3ds max?


Just starting to take things out of Rhino and go into max. I have been using some .obj and some .3ds format for exporting.

My question is, is there a way to export a complex model from rhino entirely made of relatively clean quads? This would be great for going to max, but perhaps Im asking to much?

Any process, plugins or general workflow info would be much appreciated. Tried a good deal of Googling but have yet to come up with anything conclusive.

oh., ps. saw some discussion of the meshing in MOI, but could figure out what exactly the benefit is to meshing in MOI. Can anyone fill me in?

Trimmed and/or joined edges will always make triangles in Rhino. So no, there is no way, currently, to reliably make a quad only mesh from a surface model.


I use MoI for meshing because it do what I expect, for example:

  • if I set a max distance, than there is no longer mesh side like per
    Rhino mesher
  • homogeneous meshes, no kinks or something like this
  • very good quality also for very low polygon counts - helped me to
    render complex models
  • fillets can be meshed as welded single row polygons to save polygon
    count (per avoid smaller than …)
  • multi-core