Exporting out of Rhino good Quad topology (for use in 3DS Max)

I’m a very basic user of Rhino, but so far I do not see any way to export out of Rhino a nice quad topology mesh to use in 3DS Max.

It seems there is a QuadRemesher inside of Rhino to translate imported non-quad meshes and make them all nice and neat quads, but nothing to export the same out of Rhino.

Please can someone advise?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Adam -

You can use QuadRemesh on any meshes and (poly-)surfaces in Rhino. That command will result in a new mesh. Then simply export that mesh. What am I missing?

Perhaps the part about selecting the mesh so it’s the only thing selected and then using “export selected”?

The bit about when you export it as an OBJ and it doesn’t import into 3DS Max as quads?

Well… that seems to work fine when I round-trip an OBJ to Rhino with the default settings so this sounds like a 3DS Max question. You could try the NGons -> Preserve options on the Mesh tab in the OBJ Export Options dialog and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t think it is a 3DS Max question, I’ll try importing into Blender and others and see what happens.

Here is another link back in 2019 saying the same thing.

The ONLY solution I believe is to import the obj into something like 3D Coat (which I believe does a great job of these sorts of things) and then importing into Max.

(zBrush also has a really good quad remesher I believe).

Hi -

Since you are posting a link to that thread…

Perhaps you can attach a file that Brian can try?

Thanks Wim,

I’m determined to find the solution because I see others have had the same experience and I’m really wanting to do more and more in Rhino, it’s such an awesome piece of software and a delight to use :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll find the solution soon and when I do for sure I’ll post my findings :slight_smile:

Export 3DS format to 3DMAX and open it

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Can you post a file in 3dm format here that you want an all quad mesh version of? QuadRemesh is the way as mentioned here already but perhaps your geometry will require certain settings in that command to get you a good base mesh for use in poly modelers.