3DS Max to Rhino and Rhino to 3DS Max?

Hi all,

Can someone tell me the workflow for exporting from 3DS Max to Rhino and Rhino to 3DS Max?

I am new to Rhino so not sure if how I’m doing it is the best, regarding 3DS Max to Rhino - I have cleaned up my objects in Max, collapsed the stacks, exported as DXF, then imported changing the scale to suit, imported, then I have to use the MeshtoNURBS command on all meshes - it all seems a little longwinded, also had other issues such as instances imported as blocks, don’t know how to deal with them in Rhino so I just made sure I had no instances in Max before exporting.

Regarding Rhino to 3DS Max, I export to obj. and then keep the default settings, I then get the ‘polygon mesh options’ and have created my own for exporting meshes, though some advice on that would be appreciated, also what is normal for exporting CAD/line work with these options?

Any advice on a better, quicker workflow?

Why are you running MeshtoNURBS on your max stuff? Just leave it as meshes.

When it’s a Mesh I couldn’t, for example, take a dimension from it, I could only select the mesh, only after using MeshtoNURBS could I really do anything with it. The point snaps were not available when it was a Mesh

If you have money for plug-ins, this is pretty effective: http://www.npowersoftware.com/NewPowerTranslatorsOverview.html

Thanks, I’ll try out the demo

Make sure you have Vertex snapping turned on.
(It’ll make it snap all over the place and you will likely have to zoom waaay in to get the correct vertex, but at least it will snap :wink:)

Thanks, that’s so uncontrollable!.. think meshes need to be converted for my needs

Yea, perhaps, but that’s not going to help all that much, is it?
Granted, point and end snapping is always where you expect it to be (unlike vertex snapping), but if you have a lot small triangular small NURBS surfaces, you’ll have to be pretty close to snap to the correct point…