How can I wrap a 3D texture around the vertical sides of a polysurface solid?

Hello there, I’m hoping someone out there can help me?

I’m fairly new to Rhino (on Mac) and I’m struggling to work out how to wrap a 3D texture effect that I’ve created around the sides of a solid shape.

The shape is a solid letter ‘W’ (facing upwards) and I want to wrap the vertical sides of this letter (not the top or bottom faces) with a 3D snakeskin texture that I’ve created - I want the final solid to have 3D snakeskin scales around its sides not a flat rendered 2D snakeskin effect.

Here’s a screen grab that I hope shows what I’m talking about:

I’ve previously used ‘CreateUVCrv’, then ‘PlanarSrf’ and then ‘FlowAlongSrf’ to wrap the texture around a simple cylinder that has 1 surface to flow along. However I can’t seem to make this work on a solid whose vertical sides are composed of multiple adjacent surfaces.

Can anybody suggest a how I achieve this effect? I’m sure there’s a simple solution but I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure it out?

Many thanks,


I’m not entirely sure the result you will get will be the one you want but you could duplicate the top edge of the surface you want to wrap and use ‘Flow’ which works on curves in place of surfaces.

Hi Rob - one way would be to dupFaceBorder on the bottom face of the target object - or dig up the original curve for the extrusion, and Rebuild that curve to a lot of points - and use it as a target for Flow. Since you have hard corners in the target shape, you may want to do this separately for each smooth segment of the shape - or, give up the hard corners…


Many thanks Ryan. I’ll give that a try later tonight.

Thanks so much Pascal…this makes sense to me. I’m away from Rhino at the moment but will try your method later and let you know how it turns out. Much appreciated.