Flow along surface failed

Hi guys
I tried to apply the snakeskin texture with the flow along surface command, but I can only choose one part of the surface, and I don’t know how to solve the problem. When I created cv curve, I can only choose one part of the surface as well. It’d be very helpful if you can let me know the flaw. :slight_smile:snack.3dm (10.2 MB)

It is flowalongsrf, not flowalongpolysrf, so you need to create a single surface to flow the geo onto. It can be achieved multiple ways. One way would be to check the profiles you are using for Sweep2. They need to be single continuous curves so that it creates a single surface. Let me know how you are creating the snake polysurface and I can give more detail if you need it.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I clicked ‘sweep1’, then I chose the main curve of the snake, and then I chose those circular curves.
I tried to use sweep2 but it didn’t work.

Ok, so then you just need to make sure those circular curves are continuous. You can rebuild them with a reasonably high control point count and that should fix that. Assuming that they are joined.