Best workflow to wrap a body along a surface

Hello guys,
i’m learning Rhino, coming from a parametric sw and I can’t figure out with FlowAlongsurface command.
In attachment there is a body, the goal is to wrap all around a test text (in this example), in future i would love to wrap around it some 3d pattern and 3d print the result.

I’ve smashed the body, and the test text won’t follow the curvature of the body. I don’t know why sometimes i succeed to get 1 curvature and sometimes nothing, the text cames completely flat.

Any help would be appreciatedtest.3dm (393.9 KB)


Hi Enzo - see the attached file - is that more or less what you want?

Test._Maybe3dm.3dm (1.6 MB)

If so, the trick is to make a new target surface - in this case, I made a version of the polysurface by duplicating the cap surface border (_DupFaceBorder) and then rebuilding it (_Rebuild) to a lot of points so that it is pretty close to the actual target in 3d and has even parameterization, which Rebuild provides… The curve is then extruded to a kind of copy of your actual target object. The text objects are flowed from a reactangular plane to the target surface (red layer).

You might want to make the letters penetrate the base surface just a little before flowing, so that there is a better chance they penetrate the original target polysurface - the red target is close but not identical to the real target.


Thanks Pascal!
You have solved my problem! Thanks a lot.
I want the letter penetrates the surfaces in order to make a boolean cut, i don’t know at now if it is better to perform flow of a solid on surface than boolean or flowing curves on surface, than trim and work directly on the body.

Hi Enzo - I think I’d make the letters penetrate a little and Boolean. If that fails for some reason, then maybe try other tricks…


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I’ve done some tests on surfaces like the previous and all ok, the one in the attachment is the same but the base curve that i’ve rebuilded cames from another solid.
on this i can’t flow any text… suggestions?

thanks a lot
problem2.3dm (206.2 KB)

Hi Enzo - the target surface must be a single surface with even parameterization - the curve you have is a polycurve that explodes into multiple pieces and the resulting extrusion is a polysurface. This curve needs to be rebuilt in Rhino then extruded:

You may also want to use _CrvSeam to move the seam point to a good location before rebuilding.


yes, i’ve understood that for a correct flowing the surface must be a single surface, like the red one you have made before, but, _DupFaceBorder than _Rebuild it returns to me something like:

than, extruding…

i obtain always a polysurface instead of yours…

what i’m missing? thanks for your patience Pascal

Hi Enzo - see if the attached makes sense.
problem2_PG.3dm (146.4 KB)


here we are :slight_smile:


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