How can I return name column in layers to previous state?

I have inadvertently clicked on the name bar atop name column in layers, so now everything is in alphabetical order, I need to return it to how it was before doing that. How is this done ? I have never saved its state etc, as I am forever adding layers so any save would be well out of date.


You have inadvertently clicked the biggest horror in Rhino5!

There is no way to restore it except sort through manually with up/down arrow keys.

Learn. Don’t do that.


You can turn off column sort, and it won’t happen again. Layers panel > Hammer icon > uncheck Column Sort

@pascal, maybe this could be default for V6? Until there is an undo for sorting, I think it should default to off. Can’t speak for everyone, but I never need or want to sort by any column.

Hi, Fortunately I was only a few minutes into the project, so exited without saving, and started over, it gave me the layer palette I had been using.

I would however heartily back up what gregb has just suggested.

It would have been impractical to rearrange a few hundred layers on some of my projects. Scary territory to have that so easily happen. Could cause major time loss. No undo for it either.




It should definately be the default.