WISH: Undo sorting of layers



Sometimes when I want to click on one of the layer-related buttons, say New Layer [screenshot 1], I accidentally end up clicking the column header Name, which results in sorting all the layers based on their name (ascending/descending) [screenshot 2]. This messes up my originally intended organisation of the layers.

Is it possible for me to undo/get back the original layer structure in such a case?


This also happens to me and unfortunately, I think the answer is “No”… you can’t get it back.



Ah, I was afraid so. I’ll edit/add “Wish” to this post’s title, in that case.


However, you can prevent this from happening in the first place by unchecking “Column sort” in the layer tools.



Oh brilliant, thanks!


Ah, learned something, thanks Dan…



I have to bum this 5 year old wish! Undoing layer sorting would be great, I just accidentally sorted my layers on a large project that I was familiar with.


I do this exact thing about once a year on some random project… then I curse and curse and curse.
I would love to see layer sorting included in undo-able actions!