How can I make a closed surface on this model?

Model.3dm (45.7 KB)

Hi everybode,

For a couple of days now I’m trying to make one closed surface of the model that is attached, but I won’t succeed.
I tried several ways of Sweep and Curved Network but I don’t get a nice smooth surface.
Is it possible to get one closed surface of this model anyway?

It is possible, I’d say. I’ll have a try.

Something like the attached - does that do it? The main body appears not to be a true revolve, from your curves, so I made extended versions of the curves and lofted, then matched the top to a circle to get at least that bit round. The arms are network surfaces and the transitions BlendSrfs.

Model_PG.3dm (212.3 KB)


I would make the main body using revolve.

Then make the cross arms as a loft or possibly revolve

Then use blend surface to join the body and cross arm together.

Just as ausair described.

Thank you all for helping me!

Yes Pascal, that’s what I meant. Thanks!