Any Suggestions as to How I can fix and Finish this Part?


I’m looking for help fixing this part. It’s almost done but there are a few spots where I am stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

testv10.3dm (651.2 KB)

Is this the part you previously mentioned that you have been working on since 2014?

What else have you done in Rhino or is the only project?

What exactly are the spots you are stuck on?

The surfaces have many more control points than needed.

Yes, Its the same part. I have been using rhino since 2004. I have modeled many 2 and 3d parts during this time. This project has been especially difficult. I’ve gone through over 100 versions of it and just cant get it right. Ive tried lofting, patching, draping, revolving, blend surface, match surface, curve network, cycloids splines and surfaces, and simply adjusting control points. I am self taught. So, I may be missing something simple but important. Where I am having the greatest difficulty is getting the surface to curve downward to meet the 0.25" offset black line while following the edge of the ramped flat area. To make it more complicated, there is a planar surface between the red outer curve and the inner black offset curve. All of this has to blend with the ramped area while keeping the ramped area flat.

How do I know how many control points are appropriate for each surface?