How are these "renders/Exports" created from Rhino? Especially the Shadings and Shadows?

Hello everyone, I have a question here and I really hope some seasoned-user can help me out…

How are these drawings with Shadows and Shadings (like the roofs of some building has got like different shades too) exported from Rhino? I know the combination of all can be done with photoshop / illustrator… But just how do I create the drawing and export it? Preferably in Vectors, even for the Shadows and Shadings, if possible…?

Please kindly help me out here if anyone is free to do so. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi Izumi,

I haven’t created that specific graphic style from Rhino. What you can do is play with you shade and render settings in File<Properties<View<Display Modes<Render or other.

You can adjust the strength of shadows, surface face settings etc and flip the surface from front to back for at least two different colors/styles.

It also looks like the creator of the image used the panels<sun for shading. You can adjust angles etc.

Exporting Vectors can become a huge file. If I were you, export a high quality raster then export any specific vectors from the same view separate, and overlay in Illustrator if you need to emphasize the line weights.

Someone on here, might have a clear solution but it looks like at least some post production has been done to your sample images.

it reminds me Vray Toon shader

Anyone knows? :frowning:

The sharp shadows give away that it was “rendered,” not an OpenGL capture. Rendered in what? No idea, no way to tell, I would guess V-Ray just because it’s popular. The captures aren’t big enough to tell if the linework in the renders was overlaid in post or part of the renders, or what. Obviously a number of techniques and a lot of time was consumed in making these compositions. You can’t render shadows as vectors, no.

I see… Alright thanks :frowning:

I tried something with the shaded view with shadow , exported in pdf .
It’s not as beatiful but easy to make.

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here is my exemple file :
test shaded view.3dm (403.8 KB)

Ah! Okay I see! Thank u so much!! :smiley:

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