Export 2D Graphic


I’m new to Rhino. I have always used Sketchup to export a vector drawing of my current 3D viewport.
Doing this in RHino has so far seemed impossible. I have ofcourse used the Make2D option, but this is a very computer heavy task (as I usually have urban DWG’s as underlayer) Also it feels like an extra step.
As an alternative I can export as illustrator file…but then the hidden lines are also visible (which I don’t want because there is never ever a use for that :stuck_out_tongue: )

How can I go about doing this? Is there perhaps an extension or a Grashopper script which I could use? Any help would be amazing.

Thanks for the help. But this exports a wireframe right with the hidden lines? Or am I doing something wrong?

Maybe upload your file and explain visually what you want to have, probably someone will test some different options.

So this is my comparison. I want how Sketchup exports.
Ofcourse this can be done with Make2D, but this seems like it needs to many steps. I just want to quickly export a named view as vector.

Is this what you are looking for? export selected as .svg

I dont have illustrator to check the vector files.

maybe exporting as .svg can be uploaded

Hey Sanne -

Yes, that’s not possible in Rhino. You could try the VisualARQ plug-in that has a display mode that will export a shaded viewport as vector graphics. Other than that, if you also have access to SketchUp, you could continue using that to export as vector.

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