Illustrator file from the rendering

Hi Everybody,

My first topic.

Is it possible in Rhino to export an Adobe Illustrator file of the rendering of a model?
I can make an illustrator file of the shaded model but I need a vector file of the rendering of the model for printing works.


That’s not possible since the AI export only exports 2D curves. Renderings are raster files.

Ok, thanks for reply.

Why do you need an Illustrator vector file of a rendering? That doesn’t make sense. I can understand that you need a vectoriced file, but not of the rendering… I can also understand that you need a 300dpi version of that image so it is supercrisp. So please explain in detail and I’ll try to help you find a way to solve you need.

Hi John,

I would also like to see .ai export support bitmaps and vectors, although in my case I’m just after 2D vector lines.

The scenario is for outputting flat panels to digital print and also having the border information as vector to allow CNC cutting of the panels. This would be a huge time saver for me if possible.

Thanks, Steve