VRay for Rhino


I have a question about Vray for Rhino. I have a mesh, simulated with Grasshopper, I render it with Vray, I see the mesh with the basic material of his Layer.

How can I render the Mesh with Vray

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Hello there,

I haven’t got Vray installed at the moment - but does this work on your end?


thanks Artstep , but no :((((((((

You have 2 options:
1 bake the geometry and render it as normal rhino mesh
2 use the Vray Grasshopper component to render your scene from grasshopper


It is a bit hard to figure out which part is exactly giving you the problem

  • the gray-shaded part looks a rhino geometry, that is not a GH generated.
  • the yellowish-blue one looks like vertex-color mesh may be coming from GH, but not really baked
  • the red slab at the bottom looks like the above but without the vertex colors.

In general rendering from GH into Rhino with V-Ray is performed in these ways

  • You generate the geometry in GH, assign V-Ray materials, etc and then use the “Render In Project” component to transfer to the V-Ray renderer in Rhino
  • You generate the geometry in GH, bake it and then assign materials in Rhino and render. This is the natural Rhino workflow, simply the geometry is “foreign”
  • You render everything in GH

The first and third option does not allow you to specify UV maps. This is not available in GH at all. You can use other plugins like Human that allows that.
Rendering vertex colors (if that is the case) has some special handling, you need to create a V-Ray material and put a UVW texture to the diffuse slot, and assign that material to the object you want to render in vertex colors.

Please define the problem more precisely


hi @Nikolay i have this problem in render mesh(vertex color) by Vray too
for define the problem more precisely:
analysis sun flower.gh (158.5 KB)

this mesh Analysis by other plugin (sun flower for solar analysis ) and colorMesh cannot render in Vray (monochrome render in vray)

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You can’t render vertex colors directly in V-Ray. Since that is a different “channel” than the default diffuse - e.g. an object can have both at the same time, and V-Ray will always pick the diffuse.

Since your geometry is entirely in GH, you have to assign a “Vertex color material” to it (sort of), that simply uses the vertex color channel as diffuse input. Just add a simple material and plug a bitmap texture to the diffuse slot. Then select Vertex Color mode:

and here is the result in GH:

enabling the Render In Project component will span over the same image to Rhino:

here is the file:
analysis sun flower_vertex_color.gh (162.1 KB)


tnksss :heart_eyes:

hi @Nikolay in Rhino ( vray material)( not in grasshopper) vray how we create vertex Color Materials vray?
or is there way to bake this material( Mesh Color)from grasshopper to Rhino?