Material in grasshopper

I cannot see the material in rhino when I bake in grass hopper. Here is the code:

The display looks okay (the one above)
but when I bake it it doesnt have the material it is all white (the one bellow)

Please let me know if you know any solution!


That is an image of code, not the GH code itself, which is far more useful.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Hi @Sarah_Miri ,

Did you bake the Custom Preview component itself?

If so, please note the difference between Shaded and Rendered viewport modes.

Custom Preview will preview the colors in Shaded mode but not bake the object colors.

It will also preview the colors in Rendered mode and when you bake it, it will add new materials for the objects representing the colors you specified.

These colors will show up in Rendered mode because they are materials but not in shaded mode by default because shaded mode is set to show “Object Colors”
Graph Space:

Model Space (Rendered Viewport) (9.4 KB)

Hi Michael,

Yes I baked the custom preview itself. Thanks for letting me know!!!

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Did the baked geometry colors show up for you in Rendered viewport mode as you expect?