Horizon Tilt

Is there any way to tilt the horizon like in the picture? I tried rotating the camera, it didn’t work. So, I was looking for options either in rhino or vray, found that vray has some option horizon tilt. But in the version (vray 3.60.04) that i use, it has only vertical tilt. Sunrise-and-stone-wall-odiorne-point-0872-4|690x460

With the view you want to manipulate active type the commarnd _Camera and choose _Show.

You’ll see in the other views that there is now a widget for the active view. Grab the camera point at the top of the up-axis and move it around.

Also, Shift+Alt+RMB-drag allows to control camera tilt from the vport.
Note if your cursor is close to the edge, it will go in 5 deg. increments.


Thanks! Works well!!

Wow! That’s awesome!!