Rendering doesn't match


although I use command " VisGuessLenseShift ". It doesn’t help anything. My rendering result is still different to what I want in viewport.

Are you using standard Rhino perspective view, not 2point perspective?

Try to set the Vertical Tilt manually:


Sorry, my vray is 2. I’m still not updated. But thank you.

In my experience GuessLensShift rarely worked and I had to guess and enter the number manually anyway. It should be similar and you should try to start with numbers like +0,5 and -0,5.


where can I enter number?

exactly, GuessLensShift works. But I don’t know why, after I load gi_irmap_high.visopt, it doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t have Vray 2 but it should be somewhere in Camera section: