Tilt+shift - rhino 7


is there a function: camera tilt + shift on rhino 7 vray?

or a rhino plugin?


Hello - in Rhino itself, TiltView.


I’m talking about tilt / shift on the camera lens
to change the perspective point.

it’s possible ?

Tilt–shift photography - Wikipedia

hi use the two point perspective for it, this at least will keep the vertical lines paralell while allowing you to change the perspective. like one primarily would use a ts lense.

the shift takes off the perspective point to anywhere in the scene

is different from the two point perspective which subtracts one of the perspective points

is there something like the rhino shift?

well the primary function of a ts is to get the vertical lines straight, but the more creative aspect i would not know how to achieve, do you have a specific example at hand you would like to recreate?

camera shift in blender
the perspective point is behind the door, on the left, and not in the center of the photo

Hi - Did you see this thread:


how do i use this?

does it work on rhino 7?
and on vray?

Did you read that thread at all? Everything is explained there.

It’s posted in the V-Ray category so I figure V-Ray is involved…

ic, but just for the record, i dont believe that this is a feature of a ts lense but rather a digitial effect. thinking about a cheap trick you could get this effect by centering your focus, render it bigger and cut out your wanted composition.

I tested your plugin tip and it is not the feature: camera shift that I want

it serves to reset the tilt of the vray

do you have any other plugin tips?

A tilt-shift lens does two different things: shift keeps verticals, say, parallel and tilt increases or decreases depth of field on an inclined plane.

If you only need the former then as @encephalon says you can use the digital equivalent. Keep the camera horizontal, reduce the focal length to widen the view to include the whole subject, sort out your render settings, then for your final render pump up the resolution. Use an image editor to crop off the unwanted half.

FWIW the Maxwell renderer has a shift function and others may well do too.