Hops Tip - Definition Storage Options

Hops has two ways to interpret the path setting on a component

  • Address of a server that handles the entire process of receiving inputs, performing calculations and returning results. This is what the ghhops-server python server does as well as the AppServer project (GitHub - mcneel/compute.rhino3d.appserver: A node.js server for solving Grasshopper definitions on Rhino Compute)
  • Address of a grasshopper definition file (.gh or .ghx). This definition is passed on the a copy of rhino.compute that is running on your computer to solve or to another rhino.compute instance running on your network as specified in the grasshopper preferences.

For the case of a grasshopper definition path, I wanted to share that this could be set in multiple ways.

  • Path to a definition that is on your computer
  • Path to a definition that is stored on a shared network drive
  • Path to a definition that is stored in a location accessible over the internet. If you use a service that stores files online, you could use the address to the online asset as the path. Here are a couple examples,

github: https://github.com/mcneel/compute.rhino3d/raw/master/src/hops/definitions/SpikeyThing.gh



this calrifies a lot, thanks!

sorry, i have never worked with this kind of thing before and something is not clear to me yet. where can i store a file (and how to set the path to it) so it is a available via an IP like in the first option?

thank you

I would recommend watching the appserver video I provided a link to. The AppServer can be called from Hops

will do that, thanks!