Call gh definition from REST with hops inside

Hi, all

I am trying to run calculations from python over REST on the Rhino.Compute server with the grasshopper model that contains a hops definition inside. Сalculations are being performed, but there is no data. Compute logs:

Response from Rhino.Compute:

But if I call the calculation of the definition of hops directly, then the construction works:

This is hops definition:

This is gh model, which contain hops definition (There are no input parameters for the test here) :

I tried to specify both the direct path to the hops definition and through the url (returning the hops definition as a file).

I also tried to pass the model both through the decoded hops model from “algo” and the pointer to url from “pointer”. But nothing worked.

The question is, is this interaction process even possible? Since in the grasshopper itself, the definition of hops is calculated.

Thank a lot all for your attention. :exploding_head:

Hello all,
The problem with my model could not be solved. But the described concept works, I tested it on models from this discussion. Everything works. Two hops are called at the first request, then the response from the cache:

I hope it will be useful to someone.