Call gh file from Azure remote desktop with hops


i am trying to call my grasshopper files with the hops component from an Azure remote desktop. How do I set the path correctly? Or where do I store the gh files to access them?

I added the Compute server Url and the API key to the Solver under Grasshopper settings

Now, I don’t know what URL or Path i have to input in the Hops component

Here is my files stored on the Azure remote desktop.

Thanks for any help.

The tutorials are showing how to do it for locally saved gh files.


We do not currently support relative paths. I would recommend (for starters) to simply store the grasshopper files you want to run on your local machine which is running Hops. So, when you right-click on the Hops component to set the path, you would navigate to a directory on your computer and select a Grasshopper file. The Hops component will then serialize the entire definition and send that to your VM as a JSON request. From there, Hops will store the definition in the cache and then continue processing everything as normal. Hopefully this helps answer your question, but let me know if you have any follow up questions.