Using a file in Hops without being able to

hey everyone!
I am trying to use Hops for a gh script. I want to share this Hop with people so they can use it but they shouldn’t be able to have access to the code because this is intellectual property owned by the company I work for.
Right now, I have the file uploaded to a GitHub repository and it is accessed via a link. The problem is that if people open this link in a browser they will be able to download the gh file, how can this be avoided?

Thanks in advance!

I you want to make the definition completely inaccessible to users, you will need to be running your own server that hops would access. Hops is structured so it can call our appserver implementations which are web servers that host and solve grasshopper definitions, but never make the definitions directly available.

See this site. I would recommend watching the workshop videos in the “What and How” section