Hope for bringing blocks to 2020

Since Steve Bear decided to close the thread I’m making a new one. If McNeel decides to close or delete this one as well, or remove me from this forum – I’m ok with that – it is their decision. Their software. Their rules. Their forum. Their future- or current-users.

I’m moving on. What happened, happened. It is what it is. I’m just a user, and one more or less doesn’t make a difference.

BUT just to clarify my point and show that there are others who think the same way I do about handling block in general in Rhino. Maybe some users are not using repetitive objects, but it is quite an important task by any “drawing/modeling software”. Why? Because it makes sense, computers are good in repeating the same thing. It saves a lot of time. I can give my drawing etc. the same look each time. But long story short, here are some links where users complain about Block in general in Rhino over the PAST YEARS

NONE of these posts are made by me NOR did I take a lot of time to search them NOR are there all

IT IS JUST a glimpse that there is clearly a NEED for updating Blocks in general!

I do not even ask for advanced stuff like parametric block editing or advances attributes. But to have at least a list/library where you can sort and label or preview your blocks is not something I think is a big ASK. Is baby stuff in other software, and I think it’s a NO BRAINER for any design/drawing software. WE ARE IN 2020

ONE MORE THING – don’t get me wrong. I love modeling in Rhino. I use it basically every day. If I wouldn’t care about Rhino I wouldn’t have taken the time to write all of this.


I’m not sure which thread you refer to that was closed by Steve but I guess it’s one of those with some very offensive posts in it.

Anyhow, my guess is blocks are just as much a PITA for the developers as they are for us users. So I don’t expect anything soon … if ever.

I apologize for closing the other thread. It is open now

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Not sure how much of a PITA it is. I’m not a developer, but my guess is that it’s not that kind of a big deal to make. The users are not asking for advanced stuff like parametric or attributes. But to have a good view and importing system (maybe drag and drop) for blocks is necessary if you want and have to finish projects in a given time.

No problem, thanks for opening it again.

My question to McNeel is if we can expect a reworked block managment in an upcoming update or version, or do we have to stick to copy and paste? (BTW in Rhino7 mac, copy and paste of blocks/objects made in an older version results in crashing the program)

How is copy and paste fixing some missing feature in blocks? If we could understand why you are using copy and paste, maybe we could fix something.

I just made a block in Rhino6 for Mac and pasted it into Rhino7 for Mac without a crash. Do you have a 3dm sample that causes a crash that we can try to repeat the problem with?

I have more than 300 blocks/objects i need for different design jobs. For example if I design a kitchen I have around 50 blocks where I want to choose witch one is the right one for the purpose. And that’s the problem, because you can not sort them or keep them organized or preview them without selecting them it’s difficult to choose. You can’t make sub-catogeries and so it’s difficult to work in a time saving matter.
So I made Rhino files what I have to open, see all the blocks, select the ones I want to use, and copy and paste them into the drawing I’m working with.

Look how Autocad (just an example, other softwares are handling it basiclly the same way)

you make a drawing with all the blocks you need. With the Blockmanager you select where your blocks are stored, and then you have your Block Pallet where you can simple preview,organize and drag and drag and drop your blocks into you current project


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The same thing goes for 2d and 3d. Lets say I need do make a layout and have to draw section lines with description and arrows, thats for me a block I use quite a few times. I need to copy and paste them (because if you cannot organize all your blocks in a STATE OF THE ART matter it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of all your blocks, especcialy if you thow 2d and 3d stuff togheter

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Absolutly, I’ll send it to you tomorrow

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I would associate myself to the point made above. Also in my work it would really help if I could drag and drop them into my drawing and organize them properly (alphabetically & in categories). I think software like autocad does that really well. Also when putting some blocks into my drawing it slows Rhino down in a significant way for no apparent reason.

Hi -

Please post or upload a file that is causing this on your system.