Block manager giving weird results with nested blocks

I believe something with the block manager on Mac is giving weird results. Consider the attached .3dm:
block-test.3dm (2.9 MB)
that has 3 blocks: cone, sphere, cube
which I nested once in nested_3blocks
and that one nested 4 times into nested_4_nested_blocks

when I open the block manager this is what I get, especially notice the block count and ‘Uses:’

As you can see, when selecting nested_3blocks, it doesn’t mention it uses the cone, sphere and cube, whereas when I nest this into a new block, they appear under ‘Uses:’

But it doesn’t stop there. If I now open up the block nested_3blocks, the block count for sphere, cone and cube increase to 2, so it counts these inside this block and outside this block.

When I select the double nested block however, it doesn’t do this, so apparently it only counts blocks one level up as can be seen in the second screenshot:

I think what needs to be solved is the ‘Uses:’ bug and what needs to be changed is that we can see also the instance count of blocks that are nested. The shown behavior is very confusing.

Version 6 (6.22.20007.03462, 2020-01-07)