Duplicate Block inside BlockManager

Is there a way to Duplicate a Block and rename it as a new one? The only way around I found out is a pain: Duplicate all the Block Instances and hide one part of the Duplicates, then edit one Block, get it on a new Layer, save it as a new Block and select edit all visible Block Instances.

Hi Paul - you should be able to explode any block instance one level, select all the bits and Block into a new block. Does that do it or am I missing the idea?


Well, in general, yes. But my problem is this: I’ve got 100 blocks in my drawing, they’ve got different position, orientation and sometimes scale (in my case they are windows from a large house), I need to do some variations, so I thought about blocks. But to do so, I need to: Select the blocks I want to change, duplicate these blocks, hide one part of the duplicates, explode one block and save it as a new one, and then replace all the visible blocks to the one new created. I thought that this could be done very easily if one could just “Duplicate Block” in the Block Manager and save it as a new one, with all the Instances being duplicated. You see my point?

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