History always on by default?


Is there a way? would speed things up and would be more intuitive. Maybe dying after 1min like Snapchat to save resources :smiley:

History breaks for no reason

Hi @hannesgrebin,

if you right click on “Record History” in the statusbar, do you have below option enabled ?



Hi! You can try to open a new file, turn on “Always record history” from “Record History” dropdown, and save it as the default template.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Vitaliy - that is not a document setting, actually, it is a global application setting.



Thanks. I forgot to mention I did not try it myself )

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Hannes - running a command prefixed with “#” toggles the history recording - so you could conceivably make a special toolbar or set of aliases that always runs commands in History mode and leave the global setting off.

e.g. ! #_Loft



@clement would go with this simple checkmark, @pascal what is the difference with global settings compared to your #-approach (could even add a # to all my Aliases) ?

Thanks so much both of you, has even helped me this week many times!


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Hi Hannes - I lied, above - I thought # toggles the history recording for the command but in fact it forces it to be recorded, regardless of the global state.



No worries, but Is there any way to break history, because it interferes when copying and working on different geometries. Thanks. cut and paste would break it so far. But a simple command would be helpful. Thanks!


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Hi Hannes - HistoryPurge.



Great! Thanks…