Rhino 7 on Mac - How to "Always record history"?

hello, I’m writing in the forum because I can’t find a way to make the history start automatically when rhino7 is turned on.

To explain me better: I would like Rhino to automatically apply the history command in the same way that the gumball is on every time I create a new project.

I can’t find a way to save it as a tamplete or anything.
With window I don’t have this problem.

Thanks in advance for your reply

Don’t have a Mac here but in windows you can right click the History button in the status bar and select “Always record history”. You should also be able to do that by typing the command History and then setting the record option to Record=Yes

Good idea @Helvetosaur but I checked and it doesn’t stick that way on Mac.

@ema.matro In Rhino for Mac open Preferences (Cmd+,) and in General add
“History R Enter”
to the commands to run when opening a new model. This will enable history for you and keep it on between commands.

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Hmm, that seems like it needs to be implemented. Is there a youtrack item for that yet?

Yes, it’s filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-63003 I added more details and nudged it.

Thank you!! it works!

Thanks everyone for the help ^^

Now it remains to be seen if I can even force him to turn off the broken history warning :smile: