I was wondering if someone knows of a script that allows to hide edges on display. In the same way it is possible to hide the display of a selected mesh wire in skecthhup or revit.

Going further, in grasshoper it’s possible to control the display of any element in so many ways (it’s lineweight and color specifically) with this type of nodes (for instance). I use it a lot for drafting to override rhino’s native display lineweights.

it would be such a huge improvment to rhino’s annotation and drawing capabilities if we were able to select aa surface or mesh edges and give it a color and lineweight display. This would make drafting so powerful and flexible. I hope this would be possible someday.

Thanks !

Edges can be turned off in the display mode settings.


And you can specify line weights per layer and turn on print display

I m aware of that option but it’s not what i’m talking about.

I’m talking about a more extensive and flexible approch to edges.
For instance being able to select an edge and hide only that edge. To give it a specific graphic style.
That is one of the feature that makes revit so good for drafting.

Have you tried _SetObjectDisplayMode

yes i use it a lot.

  • set object display mode does not lways work. sometimes object keep their display mode regardless