Hide Picture Edges in Display Modes

Hi, I love Artistic and Pen display modes for conceptual drawings. However, I often use them in combination with partly transparent bitmap Pictures for 2d object graphics. While I do need surface edges to display for the 3d objects, I would like to hide them for the Picture. Is there a way to do this? Setting ObjectDisplayMode for the picture to “rendered” does not seem to do anything. See attached screenshot for clarification. FYI I am using Rhino 6 for Mac but I think this might be a general question

Hello - do you mean this edge-


Can you please post the image you are using?


yes, that’s the one

yep it’s a png with transparency, see attached image

Hello - this is going to be hard, if I am reading things correctly - the technical based modes show edges or not, and you clearly want edges for the rest of the scene. Furthermore, technical modes are not available as per object modes (SetObjectDisplayMode), even if the parent view is a technical based one - I do ot see a good way out, using technical based modes, at the moment.


Ok it’s what I thought. Thanks anyway!