Hide Edges

In Rhino 7:

A. Go to Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > Shaded (*) > Visibility
B. Uncheck: Show Tangent Edges, Show Tangent Seams

This will remove any edges that belong to separate surfaces that are coplanar (like your 2 box example, even if they are separate objects) or any seams that are tangent (like the seam of a cylinder, seam of a sphere, of two tangency matched surfaces, and so on).

note (*): You can replace Shaded with any mode you want to hide tangent edges/seams.

edit: this works only with VisualAQR Walls. How can it be? They are separated objects as well.

Yes, they could just make a Hide Edge command, prompt you to select edges. Since they can selectively hide ie. tangent edges, the backbone is already there. Maybe half hour of programming and it could be out for beta testing…

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Hopefully soon they will implement that hide edge function, because sketchup and revit have it.

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