How to hide edges for illustrations?

I presume that many people use 2D surfaces for simplicity to represent 3D objects. Is there simple way to get rid of the edges that intersect a face?

In other words, how can I get rid of the see through of walls (bulkheads) for illustration purposes?

Or do I need to break down and create solids?

In View>Display Modes>Shaded you can set Edge Thickness (pixels) to 0. There is also the Ghosted display mode. You individually assign display modes to 3D objects or groups of 3D objects so some appear ghosted or wireframe while others appear solid. See SetObjectDisplayMode

Hello - you can try TestZBiasFactor and see if that helps at all.


I’m not seeing any difference.

And without the edges, everything blends into an indistinct blob. Maybe there is something that can be down with the surfaces.

What do folks do in architecture?

Hello- Pen display mode, with shading, may help.