Help with modelling a 'name plate' ring

Hi everyone!

This is my first post and i’m in need of some help with modelling a simple text ring similar to the one i’ve added to this post. Really struggling to get the desired result. I’ve attached my .3dm file to show how far i’ve got myself using various tutorials.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m very new to rhino but trying to learn!

EXIT1.3dm (3.4 MB)

che the flow along surface command:

Hi Diego,

I’ve checked out the vid you linked as well as a few others on the same topic. I’m still having trouble modelling the ring. Could you help explain how to utilise the flow along surface tool to achieve the result I’m after?


Here is my attempt EXIT1 CADWAX.3dm (560.6 KB)

exit cadwax

Hi Keith,

the preview looks great and is definitely what I’m after. I have rhino 5 and am unable to open your .3dm, would you be able to save as a rhino 5 file if possible?

Also, my idea for the ring was to have the text much wider so that the shank almost comes straight up to join it. Similar to the example below. Do you have any advice for achieving this?

Thanks so much for your help!

wide EXIT1 CADWAX V5.3dm (611.9 KB)

something like @KeithR made:

I have created a plugin to automate signet rings:

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Brilliant, will try to follow this and see how far I get! thanks so much for your help

Is your plugin available for download? Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it

I have a beta version for Rhino 7. In the “PackageManager” search for Signet - then download and install.

Hi Keith
it tried to instal your Signet Plugin…
Is it only a Windows version? because PackageManager found it and installed on my Mac successfully [which AFAIK has different installer then Windows]
Yet I get this:

Also I couldn’t find any of the tools, only the Aliases in command search…?

thanks a lot

The plugin is only written for Windows at the moment. Interesting that it even installed on the mac as I have marked it as a windows plugin with YAK (@will)

Yes thanks I had a look in F4R and see it is listed for W only.
Same thing with your Cad Wax !
Package manager certainly need to know this kind of platform compatibility thing. [or at least list compatibility ]

thanks a lot

I wrote this pdf for signet rings many years ago - hope it helps:SignetRing.pdf (1.6 MB)

There are some more recent videos on Vimeo from other people:

Hi Keith -

Are you sure that the previous versions (7.0.0 and 7.0.1) also were marked as Windows-only? If not, you will probably have to yank the older versions.

Hey Keith, Rhino 7 (now in beta!) includes an updated Yak CLI tool that allows you to set the platform that your plug-in supports.

"C:\Program Files\Rhino 7 WIP\System\Yak.exe" build --platform win

If you build the package this way then it won’t show up in Rhino for Mac’s package manager.