Flow text around abject

Just created a cylinder and trying to place text around it. following instructions on chapter 18 of manual but when it comes to flowAlongScf it doesn’t seem to let me select a target surface. Any ideas?

@BrianJ, Can you look at this?

I’m not sure what the issue might be, can you post the file? Here’s a video tutorial I made a while back on FlowAlongSrf that may help as well. It’s not Mac Rhino but the steps should be the same.

Could you post am image?

Let’s check :
Is the surface shaded? If not you can pick it only over the wireframe
Is the surface locked? If yes unlock the srfs or the layer
Are you following the instructions correctly? By pressing enter only when it’s needed?

… No other idea.

Thanks for your replies. Tried again tonight. First time I got text back to front so tried again from scratch with no joy. Made a screen grab video at http://youtu.be/zHLKZlovPEg

Think I have it. selected text and planar before rather than planar after flow command. still back to front but working on dir command. Thanks

It’s back to front because the way (where) you select the 2 srfs. Rhino it try to fit the lower left point on both srfs. So, if you pick the wrong part the text became inverse.
Sometime you have to use the first tools to match the US directions of the srfs.