Wishbone ring - what is the fastest way to create?

Wishbone ring - what is the fastest (correct) way to create? I was wondering if there is also a RhinoRing plug in for MAC (see the tutorial in the link), but it downloads and .exe file for PC only…

Thanks for any help and advice!

From the image (cannot access the video from here), I could draw the two outline curves in the front view and extrude those a distance beyond 7.6. Then I would draw the curves in the top view and extrude those well beyond the ring object and use the new surfaces to trim the ring. Use the ring to trim the surfaces and join.

As Rhino for Mac is not yet released, there is no stable Software Development Kit available for 3rd party plug-in writers. As soon as there is a released version, I’m sure other companies will start developing their plug-ins.

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Thanks for the insight (especially about RhinoForMac. Took me a time to realize it’s still in development.
Yesterday (prior I posted a question here) I also found this site (but after then I tried to read - the page was down.
But now the page is back and there are some very helpful files with notes (screenshot of the second reply attached)