FlowAlongSrf for Ring Design

Hi There,
I’m using Rhino 5 on Mac and hitting a roadblock in designing an engraved ring. I used the UnrollSrf command to make a rectangular strip of the ring’s curved surface , but when I go to put the surface back on the ring w/ the FlowAlongSrf command I’m unable to get the surface centered on the ring.

Please see the screenshot of problem and let me know what you think?

Thanks in advance!

Screenshot of Problem:

Hello - please post the Rhino file, someone will take a look. It’s almost certainly to do with the surface being a trimmed one but for the best way to fix it in this case I need the file.


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Hi Pascal, I added the Rhino file. My end goal is to engrave the ring, so boolean away the patterns. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

FYI, before the UnrollSrf command I drew two lines and used Split command to create the surface.


Hi Jon - the problem is that FlowAlongSrf uses the full underlying surface as the target - in this case the underlying surface seam is not centered - you can see this if you Untrim the surface- the solution in this case is to ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the ring surface, then Flow.


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Thanks Pascal! That worked.