Help with Cloud Zoo

“License must be removed from the cloud zoo before it can be added to the cloud zoo”.

We don’t have a license in the cloud zoo. I don’t understand this error message. I can’t add a license to our team. This is driving me zoo crazy!

“normj” added the V6 license to his personal cloud zoo at 5pm today. As a result he’s the only one that can use it.

You can not add the license to your “summit team” until it is removed from "normj"s personal licenses.

Tomorrow when the office is open, call tech support.
In the mean time, here’s a link to the details on V6 licensing:

normj can go to the Rhino web site and “sign in” or click on “my account” to get to the license details and remove it from his personal licenses. Then you can add it to your team and send invitations.

Here’s another link to the Help articles with all the specific details: