Can't add lab license to Rhino Cloud


I am trying to create a team for our school and add lab license for Rhino 6 to it so students can use the software on their home computers while the Covid quarantine lasts.

We previously owned a lab license for Rhino 5, which we managed using a local zoo server, and later upgraded it to Rhino 6.

The online license manager asks me for the Rhino 6 license key, it then asks me for a license for the previous version and then it just gives me a nondescript error message (License validation has encountered an error) and I can’t proceed any further.

Does anybody have an idea about what do I need to do in order to fix this?


You can not add a V5 license of any kind to the Cloud Zoo.
It only supports V6 licenses.

So I can’t add the upgraded Rhino 6 license to the cloud? That seems a bit odd.

No, you CAN add the V6 license.

Since it’s an upgrade, you may be asked to provide the license key for the previous version if it’s not already linked in our license validation servers.
The email address used for the V5 validation must match the email address in the Rhino login account, or it can be added to the account as a second address.

If the email addresses do not match, our servers will assume someone is trying to steal your old license.

In any event, the Forum is not the place to get help with this.
Please call the Regional McNeel Sales office for help with this.

I’ll try to add that email address and see what happens.
If not guess I’ll start making some phone calls.

Thanks for the help