Yet another license question

Hi McNeel and Rhino 6 users

So… Asking Cloud Zoo questions before I actually go and install Rhino 6 - better safe than sorry:

If I create a team and add 3 licenses to the team, do I have to add myself to the team in order to access a license, or is it enough that I created the team?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Figured this one out… The owner is automatically added to the team - just in case someone else ever wondered the same :slight_smile:

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After the other users accept their invitations to the team, you can (if you want to), elevate their rights from Member to Admin so they can add remove licenses and users to and from the Team.

This link has ALL the details:

Thanks @John_Brock! That should cover it :+1:

Never noticed the fairly large HELP-button in the drop-down menu on the account-page - I need to pay better attention!