Cannot add licence to cloud

Hi there, I receantly downloaded the evaluation version of rhino and when prompted to add the licence key on startup it sent me to this link[]=55500d41-3a41-4474-99b3-684032a4f4df

It gave me two inputs

Add licence to - I selected personal licence
Licence key - I input the licence key as per email.

After inputting the licence key it allowed me to view the details of the licence.

No. of Seats

Then after clicking add licence a message came up saying

‘The issuer does not currently allow this license to be viewed or added to the cloud.’

I looked up your email address and that’s not the error message.

It says:
The license [license key deleted] is in use in the Cloud Zoo. Login instructions have been sent to ()

That means you already added your licenses to your Personal cloud Zoo list.
All you need to do is start Rhino, click Login, and provide your Rhino account credentials is asked.

It also shows you have not responded to the email message confirming you email address. Your Rhino login account is not yet fully setup.
You also have 2FA turned on using a fake phone number so basically, you’re screwed.
I can turn off 2FA, but you’ll still need to finish setting up your account.