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Hello guys,
I’m trying to assist our IT department in correct usage of the Cloud Zoo. Most of us are still using R5 but occasionally we need to use one of our R6 licenses. We have created a team, however our IT dept hasn’t shared licenses with the team, they are still in private possession of the IT account. How can they share licenses with the Team?



PS We couldn’t figure it out from this otherwise superb page:

And the link in Licenses section doesn’t work.

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@wim, anyone? Can you guys please assist me?



Hi Jonas,
I’m sure that either @aj1 or @John_Brock can answer that question.


The current owner of the license(s) will have to remove them from their account so they can be added to the team. To do this, the current owner can click on “Licenses” in their account, then click on their license, and finally click “Remove from Cloud Zoo”.

A team admin will go down the same path, except that in the licenses page they will choose their team and click “Add License”. They will then add the license that was just removed.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere in the process.


Thank you, Andrés,

I didn’t want to rush anything, I will send it to our IT dept now. It would be cool to add this to otherwise pretty solid help page.

Have a nice day,