Help modeling angled columns/beams and roof

Hi, I’m new to VisualArq and just giving it a try. I am trying to model this industrial style hall. I can imagine / get from the tutorial how I would model the walls and windows in the walls, but I am lost trying to model the angled columns and beams, the roof and the windows that sit on top of the walls. Any tips on how to do it? Is there a tutorial that will show me how? I don’t suppose the Ville Savoye tutorial is of much help here.

I’m not going for a fully detailed model btw for now I am just trying to get the general impression and dimensions of the hall right.


Hello there,
an easy way to implement the angled beams and columns is using just beams. First you should draw the curves and lines that are going to be used next as beam’s axis. Then you have to call the vaBeam command and, after choosing the desired beam’s style, use the FromCurves options.

You can later change the start/end cut plane in the beam objects’ property page as you wish.

In order to build a non planar surface roof you will also need to draw the surface using Rhino utilities and later to convert it to a Roof using the FromSurfaces option you can find in the vaRoof command.

I hope this could help you to find a way to implement it.