Feature request beams ands columns

Really like VisualArq, very promising. To enable a more prfessional workflow I suggest following additions:

  • Possibility to choose multiple VA-objects and change properties, now it is only first
    object that takes a change in a multiple selection array.

  • Column styles, essential that different preset lengths can be added to a style under
    sizes tab same way as width and height. This is a must for rational work with

  • Tables should be possible to list both colmns and beams as per users choice. For a
    wooden frame house a a dimension 45x145 is used as both columns and beams, and
    you typically want a schedule for all lengths of a specific dimension in a

  • Possibility to trim beam and colmn ends (both vertically and horisontally at same time).
    Typically needed where a beam parallell to a roof joins a wall.

  • Possibility to select VA objects by style and material.

BR Patrik

Hi @sunflower,

  1. You can already choose multiple VA objects and apply changes simulteneously from the Properties panel.

  2. Ok, I take note of this request.

  3. Do you mean to list in the same table columns and beams? This can be done already. You just need to edit the table style and select “Beam” and “Column” under the “Apply to” tab:
    Just take into account that columns don’t have “length” like beams, but “height”.

  4. This feature will be available in VisualARQ 2.0. On one hand it will be possible to subrtact solids to any VisualARQ object (so you will be able to trim the ends of columns), and on the other hand, you will be able to determine the beams edge cut angle.

  5. You can already select VisualARQ objects by style with the vaSelSameStyle command. Have a look at this tip for more information: http://www.visualarq.com/support/tips/6284/
    You can also select objects by Material with the _SelMaterialName command.

Best regards!