Help: mapping goes wrong

After a while of working on a Bongo 3 Animation the surface mapping goe’s wrong of some of this cards. What happens here? How can I get back the basic surface mapping?

If I open the file at Rhino 6 than I can repair it per _unpacktexture but not at Rhino 7.

-Micha (10.0 MB)

I found a solution: _unpacktexture and moving the Bongo slider helps to bring the right UV back. I will ask at the Bongo side.

@Joshua_Kennedy I moved the topic from Rendering to Bongo. Please open the attached file and test it at your side. The file doesn’t contain an animation, but moving the slider helps.

Hi @Luc, is it something for you? Or @marika_almgren?

I’m looking into it

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