Incorrect Texture mapping in old file


I had to revisit a project from back in nov. 2011.
The applied mappings are incorrectly rendered in todays RhinoRenderer
The viewport however does show the correct mapping.
the file: (the file is too big for upload so I shared in on Gdrive)

Is this a bug or just the pitfall of using Beta software? I’d prefer not to manually update all objects.


Hi Willem- right now I’d say both… but I’ll put it on the bug pile in case there is something the developers can do. I do not, at the moment, see a convenient way to deal with this - just reapplying box mapping.


Hi Willem,

@andy will have to say for sure about the old mapping support with RR but I don’t find a work around other than using Neon/RR or Brazil both of which will give you what you see in the rendered view.