News: Jussi Aaltonen fixed a very important UV mapping bug. And UV mapping start working on Rhino

The UV mapping needs improvement and lots of bugs were shipped to Rh8. The good news is
that in Jan 2021 Jussi Aaltonen was able to fix an important Rhino bug RH-57899. And this master Rhino engineer is actively working on this sector.

Exporting some meshes, the UV mapping projection mesh was different from the original.
Typical spikes were on the UV mapping mesh and the texture was distorted.
This was very annoying because it happened often and there was no workaround.

Also, RH-55189. You do not need to unweld the edges along the texture seam before using the Unwrap command to avoid mapping distortion around the seam.

I think this merit big applause since now the UV mapping finally start working!


@AlanMattano Thanks for the feedback and all the bug reports you have filed. I’m glad to hear it works better for you now.


You know, we do it for ourselves but it’s for everyone