Beginner question about Grid

I have a question about creating a grid on a surface.
I saw the video’‘Orient to multiple grids’’.
Although I have chosen the same settings, not so many grid points appeared on my surface.
What I have done wrong ?
I made the object from curves+loft.
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @Barbara89
It’s a little hard to tell from your screen grab, but I’m guessing that you are using Create Paneling Grid>Surface Domain Length. As the name implies, it takes into account the length (measured in Rhino file units) of your object, so if the object you are paneling is a lot smaller than the one in the video, you’ll get fewer grid points. Either scale up your geometry or set a lower distance, I would think :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

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yes, this was very easy .I played with the object size and the different settings and got a good result, great , it makes fun :blush:
TU ,Barb

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Hi, now I tried a nother nice tutorial about PanelingTools. 3D Paneling of Polysurfaces.
At 3:05 min. I noticed something. I had to check my grid first, until I have to create a second grid in this case.
When I took Diamand Pattern , everythink was o.k.The other patterns produce several curves, is that correct?Pt grid 02.3dm (224.6 KB)

If you have a reference surface to follow, then you can create paneling curves to follow the surface iso, which is what I think you are looking for. One thing, you need to make surface that all grid points are aligned with the iso directions or curves. See attached:
Pt grid 02_RI.3dm (729.2 KB)

@Rajaa Issa
Thanks for the tutorial and for helping me :slightly_smiling_face:
Every thing worked better, than I chose the surface domain numbre Command instead divide array of Curve Command.
But when I tried to boolean the Objects, I found a mistake .Could you please tell me , how to repair this ?

I’m trying to upload the 3d file, but it’s too big. Can I minimize the file with Rhino 7 before I send it?

One way to make the file smaller is to first: run “SaveSmall” command, then zip it.
Does that help?

yes, thanks , here it comes the problem
panelingTool (1.9 MB)

This is not a PanelingTools issue. If there is no perfect alignment of edges within tolerance, Booleans can and do fail. With NURBS, this can happen.
For example, when I deleted the partitions between these panels, then ran “Join” command, the 4 panels joined just fine.
A good strategy is to populate panels that have no walls. Those will join better.
I apologize there is no exact answer here, but I hope this gives you some guidance.

Thanks, thats allright, I joinded all Panels step by step.
Only one more question, please:

Do I have to change some tolerance basic settings for the edges in order to get a perfect result ?
I don’t know, where to do.