Applying Panelling to a Surface

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Im currently trying to evenly panel this polysurface to create an even facade for the whole building. However, it is doing the following making different sized panels - can anyone help?

I have tried surface domain number but this creates different scales on the two surfaces.

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try to rebuild the surface or the initial curves that you created the surface from.

From the image I can see that you might be able to get away with using ptGridSurfaceDomainLength since it will divide different size faces with same length even if the faces vary by size.
However the better solutions, as Mahan pointed out, is to have a one surface facade. If this is not possible, you can try the following:
1- Untrim (or extend vertically) your polysurface if possible to allow for more continuous geometry (because I noticed the height vary among the faces). You can use DupBorder to keep a reference of the original boundary
2- Use an array of lines in the Front elevations (maybe equally spaces), then project them on the polysuface of your facade
3- Make sure all projects curves have same direction
4- Use ptUCurves to divide the projected curves
You can then use this grid to panel
I hope this helps. Otherwise please share your file and what you need.

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