Help! how to make a branch

(Davidpersson) #1

Help! how to make a branching with 3 or more pipes in Grasshopper.

(Ajarindia) #2

Check here
This video may help you in branching more pipe’s @davidpersson

(Davidpersson) #3

Thanks for the tip. Curious about Grasshopper.

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

I have done this but it needs a lot of rework but the logic is quite good. Could be terrific with xnurbs

(Davidpersson) #5

thank you i will test it

(Laurent Delrieu) #7

Did you see the course ?
Does the axes of the tubes just stay in a plane ? Or in 3d ?
In first case it is quite simple to do.


I think you need a special Rhino version to follow that course (Rhino 6 “Undefined”)

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I can check I am a member.

(Ajarindia) #10

Cracked version