Different pipe sizes in MultiPipe - Grasshopper


is it possible or does anybody know a way to generate a MultiPipe Node with different pipe sizes in Grasshopper or RhinoPython?

I want to interpolate a Node out of different pipes.

The component works perfect with one pipe size but I have to work with different diameters for each curve.

Thanks a lot!


MultiPipe is great, thank you. I’d be very happy to find a way to assign different radii to different pipes… and to repair glitches at acute angles. Application area is jewelry. Needs different claw sizes and good fluid flow inside 3D printed models to be lost wax cast.

node_radii_fair.gh (22.1 KB)

Hi @gwm1010,
Here’s one way of solving for different radii, but producing a triangulated mesh instead.

I’ll also see about updating to allow different radii at the same node with the quad subd.


Thanks @DanielPiker

different radii at the same node with the quad subd
Is very very useful
I am waiting for your wonderful update

Here my awful not finished YANG (not use for me) but full quads!!!

node_radii_fair.gh (50.6 KB)