Trim multi-pipe to create node


I’m trying to find a way to trim the multi-pipe in my definition.
My goal is to get a custom node/connector at each point.

Maybe I am not using/doing this the right way, I am beginner with grasshopper.
Otherwise, I thought of using smaller lines as input for the Mutli-Pipe component, but i’m not too sure how to do that too


Curves + trim (22.8 KB)

Hi @Caroline
Have a look at this thread:

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Thanks for your help.
I looked for similar topics with the words ‘‘cut’’ or ‘‘trim’’ multipipe but I didn’t think of separate. Language barrier haha

It’s working, but I see it has some problems when the angle is too ‘‘small’’.
But I can definitely work with that

If the angle is small, the arms short, and the pipes thick the ends will overlap.
In those cases you need to make the arms longer, or the pipes thinner.

Ok thank you!


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